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Turning Targets – 25 Years of Cemeti


On 31 January 2013 Cemeti Art House celebrates its 25th birthday. What began in 1988 as a pioneering initiative to build an alternative infrastructure for visual art activities has developed into a comprehensive source for visual art, inspiring other cultural hubs. Cemeti’s achievements over the 25 years have had a significant influence on contemporary visual art developments in Indonesia. Hundreds of famous artists, art workers and important art works and art projects, at a national and international level, can be traced back to Cemeti Art House where they started their conceptual, ethical and aesthetic careers.

Cemeti’s 25th anniversary is a moment, an opportunity for critical and reflective analyses of all the ebbs and flows in Indonesian contemporary art practice and discourse. The value of these analyses is not just monetary, but also reflects Cemeti’s claim as an alternative exhibition space; a laboratory for cultural discourse, inspiration for education and training in art management, and as an initial starting point for national and international art networks.

Conducive conditions for art are marked by tides of creative activity, production, promotion, discourse, appreciation, as well as the ethics of response and the perception of aesthetics.
This reflection is a moment in Cemeti’s 25 years when we will pose important questions concerning contemporary art in Indonesia. This critical discourse, sometimes silenced by a decline in discussion and questioning about Indonesian contemporary art, must be revitalized and flow freely, to avoid stagnation and the dissolution of culture!
Of course, the people who manage the arts are proud of the myriad of artworks produced by many artists who labor diligently to create their art. However, do their works play a relevant role in the social and cultural life of our society?
Although economic freedom and freedom of expression appear to represent ways of exploration that operate completely separately in social and cultural life, they are sometimes paralleled, or even inappropriately linked in a cause-and-effect relationship.
It is clear that the diversity of artistic expression does not always flourish in every social context, even in a society that is assumed to be economically free.

The strength of the market acts as a lighthouse for the welfare of artists, however market capitalism also makes oligopolistic demands; it does not always provide adequate space for the democratic development of artistic rights.
Cemeti’s 25th anniversary marks a time of reflection that will pose important questions regarding the conditions of contemporary art in Indonesia, which at the present time is experiencing an ebb in the flow of discourse. At the same time, this is a turning point that marks the beginning of reflections of the hard work we will need to do to redirect our energies and identify important issues to focus on through several chosen programs throughout the year in Turning Targets – 25 years of Cemeti.

Turning Targets #1 – OneNightStand
2 February 2013,  4.00 pm – 12.00pm

‘One Night Stand’ is a party and a one-night art project where everything is ‘happenening’simultanously. Artists and art practitioners will be asked to contribute  ‘anything’ for one night, to bring in artworks to exhibit or create an artwork on the spot, such as murals, performances, and video works.
This program is by invite only.

Turning Targets #2– Young Curators’ Forum
This curators forum will combine forum discussions and workshops, facilitating mentoring methods to stimulate emerging curators in Indonesia. The workshop participants will share experiences and, at the same time, be encouraged to articulate their ideas and concepts. Established curators, artists, gallery owners, and members of art institutions will lead the sessions.

9 January 2013, 4.00 pm – 8.00 pm, at LIP-IFI Yogyakarta
Panel discussion about ‘curatorial practices’ with Enin Supriyanto, Agung Hujatnika, Sujud Dartanto and Alia Swastika.

10, 11, 12 January 2013
Forum/ Workshop with 17 selected participants from Jakarta, Bandung and Yogyakarta at  Cemeti Art House

5,6,7,8 March 2013
Forum/ Workshop with the same participants at Cemeti Art House, presentations by the young curators and discussions about the proposals.

September, November 2013
Two young curators are selected to realize their proposals in exhibition projects.

This program is conducted in collaboration with Alia Swastika and the Yogyakarta Biennale Foundation.

Turning Targets #3 – Realities: Cemeti Archived
15 February 2013 – 10 March 2013
Opening: 15 February 2013, 7.30 pm.

This exhibition of archives about Cemeti Art House will present a series of selected documents in a variety of formats: articles, photos, videos, audio recordings and clippings This archive exhibition will also explore and re-examine several works, concepts, cultural strategies, and thoughts that emerged at Cemeti in the past.  It will trace the footprints of works and discourses after they were processed and created at Cemeti, and then developed further outside Cemeti, either domestically or internationally. Through the archive exhibition, it is hoped that artists who were once involved with Cemeti, as well as the next generation, will gain new knowledge and access to contemporary Indonesian art history, reflecting on contemporary art in the “Global Era”, while witnessing and discovering possibilities for new strategies.

Curated by Farah Wardani and Pitra Hutomo in collaboration with the Indonesian Visual Art Archive (IVAA).

Turning Targets  #4 – Collecting Rain
14 March – 5 April 2013
Opening: 14 March 2013, 7.30 pm

This exhibition will present a collection of Cemeti Art House’s artworks for the first time to the broader public. This is a mini collection of works, mainly dominated by works on paper. Major artists actively promoted by Cemeti will be included in this collection. It will represent a continuation of the discourse of the Cemeti Archive concept, completing and revealing the history of art through a rereading of works in the collection. Is it only economy that in the end measures and determines the quality and value of art?

Curated by Nindityo Adipurnomo.

Turning Targets  #5 – Dobrak!
Part one: 7 July – 20 August 2013
Opening: 7 July 2013, 7.30 pm
Part two: Travelling exhibition outside Java –2014

Dobrak! is based on the idea of adopting the positive interpretation of breaking, as a necessary step in the process of renewal, of moving ahead.  In this context, breaking can be understood as breaking with tradition, breaking with pre-conceived perceptions, breaking stereotypes or breaking boundaries to chart new territories, new identities and readings.
The exhibition will explore ‘Time and Action’ related to ‘Temporary Rites’ as the primary theme in this project. Research and cross-disciplinary collaboration are key to the development of this project: artists are encouraged to pick up particular topics and will be paired with anthropologists, cultural studies experts, sociologists and historians on “fieldwork” trips to learn, research and gather information with their respective collaborators before production of artwork commences.

Curated by Adeline Ooi and Mella Jaarsma.

Turning Targets #6 – Visual Arts Management Forum
21,22,23,24 October 2013

Visual Arts Management Forum is a learning space to develop professional art organizations, through both conceptual and technical discourse. In this forum 25 visual arts organizations from across Java and Bali will be offered a program with a combination of presentations, workshops and field studies. Workshop sessions feature keynote speakers to convey their specific knowledge on a variety of topics such as administration and taxation, exhibitions planning, presentations of works, art advocacy for the public, knowledge of aesthetics and local culture, promotion and publicity strategies, documentation and archiving, as well as networking at local, regional and international levels.

In collaboration with Kelola, Jakarta.

Turning Targets  #7 – Pseudo Participative Project
Process: January – December 2013
Exhibition:  14 December 2013 – 11 January 2014
Opening: 14 December 2013, 7.30 pm

This ‘participatory’ project is an attempt to trace and redesign variations of creative processes in the arts. This intergenerational engagement project brings together artists from a cross-section of disciplines including sculptors, dancers, musicians, theater and film actors. It will use a step-by-step approach, starting with an artists’ retreat, a forum where each artist will introduce their particular artistic background to each other, then moving on to research, artistic engagement, creation and collaboration and finally the possibility of public participation. It is hoped that this project will advocate and revitalize ethnic diversity and local aesthetics alongside a global perspective. The independence of individual expression is questioned and ‘separated’ from the circulation of financial capital.

Initiated and coordinated by Nindityo Adipurnomo.

Turning Targets #8 – ‘Whip and Run’ a Documentary Film
Process: 1 January – 30 December 2013
Film screenings: December 2013

Whilst visual art in Indonesia has been growing dynamically over the last two decades, documentary film about these art movements and its key figures has not been optimally captured.
This documentary film shows the importance and impact of visual art in Indonesia through discussions with its most outstanding artists. The film will present different perspectives on how meaning is created through visual art and will represent specific phenomena. Artists will contextulize how they encounter their everyday lives, their broader social environment, history, political issues, and how they transform their context through their creative processes. The documentary will also reflect on the different movements and eras from the 80s until recently.

In collaboration with Forum Lenteng, Jakarta.

Turning Targets #9 – 25 years Cemeti Art House
Launch: end December 2013

The 25 years of Cemeti Art House book will be published to capture and record the phenomenon of contemporary art in Indonesia. This publication’s emphasis on critical discourse aims to contribute to the production of intellectual cultural criticism. During the last year Cemeti Art House has organized several focus-group discussions with artists, curators and researchers of different generations. The outcome of these discussions will be published. An important part of the book is the documentation and articles related  to the Turning Targets program during 2013.


Cemeti Art House

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Working Team

Artistic Directors Nindityo Adipurnomo
 Mella Jaarsma
Curators  Adeline Ooi
 Alia Swastika
 Farah Wardani
Documentary Film Hafiz
Documentation Theodora Agni
Sri Suryandari
Video ZulHiczar Arie
Web Designer Rony Lantip
Project Managers Agnesia Linda Mayasari
Sita Sari Trikusumawardhani
Intern Briony Galligan

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