Turning Targets #4 – Collecting Rain

This exhibition will present a collection of Cemeti Art House’s artworks for the first time to the broader public. This is a mini collection of works, often with small measurements, mainly dominated by works on paper. Major artists actively promoted by Cemeti will be included in this collection. It will represent a continuation of the discourse of the Cemeti Archive concept, completing and revealing the history of art through a rereading of works in the collection.  This exhibition will present concepts of societal activities that focus on the nature of the relationships between humans and objects, and how discourse and human understanding of objects constantly changes, particularly through the form of collecting. The phenomenon of collecting artworks by local and regional collectors, for example, is not independent of the dilemma of buying and selling collections to increase their value and individual profits. The government has just recently started to collect artworks, in the hope that Indonesian scholars will have access to collections to study Art History. Is it true that values in art can be directly compared to market needs only? Is it only economy that in the end measures and determines the quality and value of art?

Curated by Nindityo Adipurnomo

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