Turning Targets #1 – OneNightStand

OneNightStand, 2 February 2013 | mural by EddiE haRA (photograph taken by Budi N D Dharmawan)
OneNightStand, 2 February 2013 | The APTs (left to right): Heri Dono, Nindityo Adipurnomo, Mella Jaarsma, Wedhar Riyadi, Uji Handoko, Christine Clark, Marintan Sirait, Moelyono, Agus Ismoyo, Edwin Roseno (down)
OneNightStand, 2 February 2013 | Uji Handoko, Edwin Roseno, Wedhar Riyadi
OneNightStand, 2 February 2013 | Irene Agrivine (HONF)
OneNightStand, 2 February 2013 | Prihatmoko "Moki"

‘One Night Stand’ is a party and a one-night art project where everything is ‘happening’ simultaneously. Artists and art practitioners will be asked to contribute  ‘anything’ for one night, to bring in artworks to exhibit or create an artwork on the spot, such as murals, performances, and video works.
Artists from a variety of disciplines, art activists, including curators, collectors, event organizers, critics, researchers, cultural observers, and art organizations, will be invited to participate, while also becoming the audience appreciating the entire array of One Night Stand presentations.

This program is for invitation only.

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