Turning Targets #7 – Pseudo Partisipative Project

January – August 2013: a period of inter appreciative research of arts, including artistic investigation and surveys by each artist participants. Creative Research Presentations that will followed by Focused Group Discussions will include  24  artist participants  in each of their studios.

September – December 2013: a period participatory engagements projects by each participating artist based on and inspired by their research and investigation’s experiences.

7 – 30 December 2013: Exhibitions and presentation
7 December 2013: Opening

‘Pseudo partisipative’ is a year gradually art process. This ‘participatory’ project is an attempt to trace and redesign variations of creative processes in the arts within the local as well as global concept of  a  esthethic. ‘Pseudopartisipative’ is also an  intergenerational engagement project that brings together artists from a cross-section of disciplines including sculptors, visual artists, dancers, musicians, theater and film makers,  actors living in Yogyakarta and Surakarta the surroundings. Using a step-by-step approach, in two seccions of social and creative process. Starting with  artists’ retreats, an early forum where each artist will introduce their particular artistic background and pratices to each other, conditioned by relevan surroundings of each studio and working circumstances.

Each artists participant will then moving on to ‘research periode’, where each artist will select at least two art events/works as their  subject matter to be researched. Meaning of research for artist is not merely an academic research but, more to the artistic investigation, analysing  creative processes such as interdisciplinary collaboration processes, etc.. It is hoped that this art project will advocate and revitalize ethnic diversity and local aesthetics alongside a global perspective. The independence of individual expression is questioned and ‘separated’ from the circulation of financial capital.
The artist participants are selected for being vocal and critical thinkers, concerning local and global concepts. Their artistic integrity is seen in totality; through their roles and capacities as artists/creators as well as motivators through their affiliated institutions and communities. Aprroximately 24 artists are invited who are key catalysts of cultural developments and all live in and around Yogyakarta and Surakarta.

  • Each artist will determine two or three art events and or artworks in the surroundings of Yogyakarta/Surakarta to observe and study using their own artistic methodologies.
  • Then they will present their individual findings at a platform with an interactive model of multidisciplinary backgrounds. This research presentation will be done in each artist’s studio and may be continued in a form of Focused Group Discussion.
  • The participating artists will reflect critically upon important notes and opinions of that form, they will then consider them as new inspiration to work within their communities/institutions.
  • The aim is to create new, creative breakthroughs with concepts/idioms/media from various art forms. It is hoped that budding mutual understanding of basic ideas, new perceptions, daring conclusions, criticisms, and rejuvenation of strategies will become the inspiration for a new approach in their works (individually as well as collaboratively).

Finally, there will be a presentation of, exhibitions, performances, exhibiting documentation of these projects across a range of formats, including audio visual works, as well as a post-event book on this project, written by all artist participants.

Initiated and coordinated by Nindityo Adipurnomo, Linda Mayasari (coordinator 2), Zulihczar Arie (videographer), Nia (administration manager).

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