Turning Targets #3 – Realities, Cemeti Archived

This exhibition of archives about Cemeti Art House will present a series of selected documents in a variety of formats: articles, photos, videos, audio recordings and clippings. The selected archival material marks several important moments in Cemeti Art House’s journey since 1988. Not only will the exhibition present past documents that represent Cemeti’s ‘success stories’, but will also explore and re-examine several works, concepts, cultural strategies, and thoughts that emerged at Cemeti in the past.

It will trace the footprints of works and discourses after they were processed and created at Cemeti, and then developed further outside Cemeti, either domestically or internationally. Through the archive exhibition, it is hoped that artists who were once involved with Cemeti, as well as the next generation, will gain new knowledge and access to contemporary Indonesian art history, reflecting on contemporary art in the “Global Era”, while witnessing and discovering possibilities for new strategies.

This exhibition will be divided in five sections:

  1. A brief historical overview of Cemeti through documents arranged in a chronological timeline and presentation of Cemeti Art House posters.
  2. An archive tracking artists’journeys and selected artworks from Cemeti and beyond, in multimedia format, plus documentation and interviews with these artists.
  3. An archive tracing discourses/curatorial concepts that were devised at Cemeti in collaboration with various curators/researchers and communities. The archives are in a multimedia format and include additional documentation and interviews with the collaborators now, reflecting back upon these concepts.
  4. A display of Cemeti Art House catalogues from the past 25 years, exhibiting the original archives in display cases, with digital versions accessible on a touch screen computer.
  5. A display of several artifacts/replicas of selected works that have been exhibited in Cemeti that are track and trace these artworks and discourses.

Curated by Farah Wardani and Pitra Hutomo in collaboration with the Indonesian Visual Art Archive (IVAA).

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