Turning Targets #6 – Visual Arts Management Forum

The Visual Arts Management Forum is a learning space for managers from visual arts organizations in Indonesia to develop professional art organizations, through both conceptual and technical discourse. They will be given the opportunity to expand their knowledge of diverse management practices in Indonesian arts organizations, to strengthen the strategy, idealism and sustainability of an organization or community.
This forum will be held over three days, with a combination of presentations, workshops and field studies. In this forum 25 visual arts organizations from across Java and Bali will be invited. Within the presentations, there is space for dialogue and discussion. Each manager who represents the organization will share their own experiences and managerial strategies within their organizations, including resource management, artist management and development, public management, and promotion.
Workshop sessions feature keynote speakers to convey their specific knowledge on a variety of topics such as administration and taxation, exhibitions planning, presentations of works, art advocacy for the public, knowledge of aesthetics and local culture, promotion and publicity strategies, documentation and archiving, as well as networking at local, regional and international levels. The discussion will ignite an interactive dialogue with participants on related topics.
The field study will be conducted by visiting several art organizations in Yogyakarta with interesting managerial systems. Visits to arts organizations are designed to provide context and exposure to a variety of organizations. The visits also emphasise the relationship between the space/room and the way it is managed. The last session gives participants space to evaluate which forms of management are relevant in the current socio-cultural context, alongside future projections of this forum’s sustainability.

In collaboration with Kelola, Jakarta

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