Turning Targets #8 – ‘Whip and Run’ A Documentary Film

Whilst visual art in Indonesia has been growing dynamically over the last two decades, documentary film about these art movements and its key figures has not been optimally captured.
This documentary film shows the importance and impact of visual art in Indonesia through discussions with its most outstanding artists. The film will present different perspectives on how meaning is created through visual art and will represent specific phenomena. Artists will contextualize how they encounter their everyday lives, their broader social environment, history, political issues, and how they transform their context through their creative processes. The documentary will also reflect on the different movements and eras from the 80s until recently.  Which roles did art fill in Indonesian society under the Suharto regime, the reformation period and up until now?  What has been achieved?
Artists from different generations will be interviewed. The art of mid-career artists concentrated on specific issues with political and social concerns, based on research and experimentation. This generation of artists has been succeeded by a new generation of artists that want to have fun with art and make artworks as part of their daily activities while communicating through facebook, making music, and designing merchandise and products.
This documentary will newly define the nature and pace of art developments and discourse in Indonesia.

In collaboration with Forum Lenteng, Jakarta

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