Turning Targets #2 – Young Curators’ Forum

Young Curator's Forum Part 2 (8 March 2013) Participants and the jury
Young Curator's Forum Part 2 (8 March 2013)
Young Curator's Forum Part 2 (8 March 2013) Presentation by MG Pringgotono (Jakarta)
Young Curator's Forum Part 2 (8 March 2013)
Young Curator's Forum Part 2 (8 March 2013) Presentation by Sally Texania (Bandung)

9 January 2013, 4.00 pm – 8.00 pm, at LIP-IFI Yogyakarta
Panel discussion about ‘curatorial practices’ with Enin Supriyanto, Agung Hujatnika, Sujud Dartanto and Alia Swastika.

10, 11, 12 January 2013
Forum/ Workshop with 17 selected participants from Jakarta, Bandung and Yogyakarta at  Cemeti Art House

5,6,7,8 March  2013
Forum/ Workshop with the same participants at Cemeti Art House, presentations by the young curators and discussions about the proposals.

September, November 2013
Two young curators are selected to realize their proposals in exhibition projects.

This curators forum will combine forum discussions and workshops, facilitating mentoring methods to stimulate emerging curators in Indonesia. The workshop participants will share experiences and, at the same time, be encouraged to articulate their ideas and concepts. Established curators, artists, gallery owners, and members of art institutions will lead the sessions. They will address:

  • discussions regarding the role of curators in a broader art field,
  • political context in the creation of art,
  • infrastructure and market strength,
  • gathering of knowledge and occurrence of discourse,
  • the globalization of art at the present time.

Guest speakers will act as facilitators and invite the participants to observe sample cases from a variety of different perspectives. The participants will be encouraged to present a curatorial exhibition proposal. They will be mentored and two of the particiating curators in this forum will be asked to curate an exhibition which will take place in September and November 2013.
‘Mentoring’ is  used frequently in the history of art education in Indonesia. Many budding artists rely on the art course (sanggar) method in which masters or senior artists share their experiences directly with the younger generation. Upon reflection, it appears that the sanggar, or nyantrik (apprenticeship) method has shown a reasonably high success rate in art education. This method also highlights practical experience, which is essential when a curator begins to work in the field.

The forum for young curators will become the pilot project for academic curators that will later be further developed by the Yayasan Biennale Yogyakarta [Yogyakarta Biennale Foundation].

This program is conducted in collaboration with Alia Swastika and the Yogyakarta Biennale Foundation.

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